Open Access Publishing:

Open Access Model:
Open access (OA) is a way of publishing scholarly communication that allows research information to be accessed by readers for free. This differs from the traditional subscription model, where readers must pay a fee to access educational information through libraries1. The OA model removes financial, legal, and technical barriers to accessing data so anyone can search, download, distribute, read, print, copy, print, or utilise the published data for education or other legal purposes2. Additionally, the open-access method improves the visibility and reusability of academic research results3.

The open-access (OA) model enables research information to be freely available online, allowing anyone to access and use the data legally. OA enhances the visibility and reusability of academic research outcomes. The journal publishes open-access articles without requiring subscription fees. Authors must pay a fixed article processing charge (APC) to have their articles published in the journal while still retaining copyright. The corresponding author must handle the APC. Waivers for APC are available for authors from classified countries3,4.

Article Processing Charge (APC) and Waiver:
The articles published in the Indian Journal of Petroleum Engineering (IJPE) are open-access and accessible online without subscription fees as soon as it is published. The authors hold the copyright of their articles and have granted third parties the right to use, reproduce, or disseminate the content in advance and indefinitely6. As an open-access journal, APC is essential to cover publication costs. To have an article published in an open-access journal, authors of accepted articles must pay a fixed Article Processing Charge (APC). Authors, organisations, or funding bodies will reimburse the APC4,5. This is the primary responsibility of the corresponding author to handle the required APC. For more detailed information, please visit the journal APC policy. Authors from classified countries can also avail of waivers on the APC through the journal.

Creative Commons Licenses:
The Indian Journal of Petroleum Engineering (IJPE) publishes articles under the CC-BY license (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0), widely considered the industry’s best practice for open access, and preferred by the funders6. With the CC-BY license, readers can modify, redistribute content, copy, and for commercial use in any medium or format, provided they give credit to the original author. Authors who cannot retain copyright to their article can contact us at before submission. We will evaluate the feasibility of accommodating their non-traditional copyright request.


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